Our Elf on our Shelf

Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf?
I discovered it last year while purusing Pinterest, of course, and loved the idea. Last year though, Will was probably slightly too young to grasp the concept…this year however, he is LOVING it!

The Elf on the Shelf kit comes with your Elf and a book so we started reading Will the book the week before our elf was supposed to arrive, just so he knew what might happen…if he was a good boy! There was no guarantee!

Turns out, he was good, so our elf did come.

The first day Will didn’t quite believe he was the “real” elf from Santa (the one from the book) so it took a fair bit of convincing and a YouTube video but then we were all good, now he jumps out of bed in the morning to see where Buddy (our elf) is hiding.

Finding him usually comes with a whole lot of excited laughter and that, by far, is the best bit.

Good onya Buddy!

So here is our first five days with Buddy.
Will might be having fun finding him in the morning but I’m having a whole world of fun setting him up at night 🙂

Day 1 Buddy arrived with letter from Santa and lollies for breakfast.

Day 2 we found him trying to decorate our tree with marshmallows

Day 3 and Buddy returned from the North Pole with a new Christmas book…which he happily read to anyone who came to listen.

Day 4 we woke up to find that Buddy, Woody and Bullseye had been raiding the milk and cookies during the night!

And today, Day 5, we’re guessing Buddy got a bit stuck on his way back in from reporting to Santa.

How much fun is Christmas?!

Next five escapades in five days time.

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