It’s February already?!


I am almost too embarrassed to make another blog post given the last one was before Christmas! Like, WAY before Christmas, AND, I didn’t even post more photos of our Elf, Buddy. Even though I said I would. What a big fat no-photo-poster I am!! (If you are interested in seeing them though, they’re all on Instagram and I believe there’s a little Instagram link just to the left you you there <——–)

It’s been a furiously busy few months in my little world. Christmas, New year, plane trips, holidays, a 4th birthday, new kindy and working.

And speaking of working, currently I am working on a chapter book, the cover is done and we’re just finalising the internal B&W illustrations. They’ve been really fun, cooky characters to work with. Also, there’s a picture book in the works which I have just sent off all my first sketches for and am anxiously awaiting the feedback. Fingers crossed there’s not too much to redraw!
This book is also being turned into an app so thats a bit exciting!
I can have it on my phone!

Also, upon request from Oxford University Press I recently (just last week) submitted a sample for a new picture book. I would LOVE to get this one (if anyone from Oxford University Press is reading, love love love to get this one!) as I had so much fun designing the character and the little world this guy lives in. Fingers crossed!!

Thats two lots of fingers crossed for me now.
Luckily you have two hands.
Please keep both sets of index and pointer fingers crossed until I say stop.
Shouldn’t be long.
If this causes you trouble eating, just have someone feed you.
Likewise with driving, getting dressed, blow drying your hair, making tea.
Just have someone else do it for you.
It should only be for a week or two.


Back in, oooh what was it? Late December? I submitted a sample for a picture book, I didn’t get it but I thought you might like to see what I did.

In hindsight, its not terribly good as I rushed it and photoshopped the whole thing so it feels very flat and …. photoshopped to me. Sad, because I feel like if I had spent more time on it, instead of getting over-excited (It was my first request for a sample from a publisher!!) I could have done something I was  happier with.
And also I should have / could have developed those characters a bit better but…

…oh well, live and learn.

Rightio then, I have just, right now, renewed my WordPress account so guess what?!
Another year of blogging ahead!

I look forward to your company.

(here’s the sample I did)

It’s good to be back!

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