Like a crazy person, I have started a new 365 project.


I don’t even know. But it has begun so, I have to see it through now!

365 days of hand lettering is what I’m doing.
I guess it started because I’m a bit of a sucker for hand lettering and I want to get better at it so, what better way to improve than to do it every day, right?! Right.

I won’t post them here daily, but if you want to follow the 365 project you can see them each day on Instagram, feel free to follow me over there: kelly_canby

I will post the first ten now though (Today is Day 11 and I haven’t done that one yet).

But before I do, just quickly,  in other news… My book is out!
It’s out there in the world!

Scary. Exciting. All the feelings.
The book launch is July 2nd so if you live in the Perth WA area and would like to come along, feel free to message me for the details, I think it’ll be a lot of fun!

So, the first 10 in my new 365 Hand-lettering project look like this…


Here’s hoping that in 355 days from now I’ll be much MUCH better at it!

K x

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