The stuff I do for fun.


Now that the wonderful madness of a book launch is over, and now that I have just (yesterday!) completed all artwork for the next picture book I am illustrating (called “Phil Pickle”, written by Kenny Herzog and published by Peter Pauper Press in the US) AND now that I have just (today) finished writing my very first 96 page lower middle grade book, I can relax a little and focus on some fun and quick personal illustrations before the next wave of work rolls in.

Usually in the evening, when I’m not working, I tend to scribble away in my sketchbook. I find it quite therapeutic and relaxing, especially this time of year when its cold and the heating is on. I get all cosy on the sofa and draw. Its wonderful!

And then because I like to see things finished, I usually pop the sketch into photoshop and give it a bit of colour.

Here a few I’ve done this week. Coloured version:
(click on images to enlarge)





And here they are as my cosy sofa sitting sketches:

greymonkeyKellyCanby greyFireplaceKellyCanby greysailorKellyCanby greyBeautifulKellyCanby

I’m pretty sure I can’t go a single day without drawing!

4 thoughts on “The stuff I do for fun.

  1. You amaze me… when I sit on that comfy cosy couch I fall asleep!!

    Absolutely adore the lady with a message… will need to pay you do make Abigail a picture for her bedroom soon…

    Keep drawing as I love looking at them xxxx

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