As it’s officially Phil Pickles (book) birthday…

I thought I’d show you the evolution of Phil.

Obviously many sketches came before these but these are the first set of colour “sketches”.

He started off with quite a retro feel, I think, but then with a few tweaks and adjustments he turned into the Dill we know and love today 🙂



Happy book birthday, Phil!


2 thoughts on “As it’s officially Phil Pickles (book) birthday…

  1. Hi
    I love your illustrations especially Mr. Pickles. My son Nicholas, we nicknamed him Pickles.

    I also enjoyed your very stream of consciousness style blogging. It makes me want to start blogging too!

    I can’t wait to read your books. I found you on book launch.

    • Hi Caryn, sorry for replying late, I only just saw this now! You should definitely start your own blog if it feels like something you’re inspired to do, why not?! Hi to Nicholas! Kel x

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