Well, now that I have a cover…

A few nights ago I sketched a little ghost story scene in my Moleskine and today I gave it a bit of colour, just for fun.

THEN, because I have this very long history in graphic design and well, once a designer always a designer, I couldn’t fight the urge to turn this newly coloured sketch into a book cover, just for fun.

All I have to do now is write the story! Ha.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see the progression…




From my Sketchbook – April 2014

I thought I might start a new monthly sketchbook show & tell type thing as I do A LOT of sketching in that ol’ book of mine. Everyday, really.

So, lets show some stuff!

I have been making an effort to work on character design lately so I seem to be drawing a lot of faces – lots of faces, different expressions, loads of fun! It’s amazing that since I started doing this, my drawing has really improved, I can certainly see that practice is a good thing.

A small sample of the faces I have been doodling…
characters 1KellyCanby

And some character doodles (you can see here where my photographer came from here)…
characters 2

characters 3KellyCanby

I have also been participating in @Daily__Doodle on Twitter. Everyday Daily__Doodle posts a new #theme and well, you doodle it and post your doodle back! Its great for when I can’t come up with an idea for a doodle on my own and also makes me doodle things I wouldn’t ordinarily doodle.

I feel like I’ve just said ‘doodle’ a lot.

Anyhow, some of my @Daily__Doodle’s…



#GirlInFancyDressgirl in fancy dressKellyCanby


3 pigsKellyCanby

Batman dog Robin catKellyCanby

Girl with pet MonsterKellyCanby

I actually really look forward to the new theme each day…I’m hooked!!

If you’re a doodler, give it a go!
(And one last time, here’s their link 🙂 @Daily__Doodle)

Finally, from my sketchbook, is Olive.
Finally, I think I have just about finished my first ever manuscript.
Finally, I can get to work on what it might look like.
Finally, I am drawing stuff for it!

I thought I had finished this manuscript a couple of months ago but when I re-read it last week I found so many words that just didn’t need to be there! So, it’s now only half the size but I think it’s twice as good.

It’s about a girl called Olive and this is what Olive looks like…today…

I’m really loving working on a project of my own and ideally I’d like to develop the story and the character and the look of the book to a point where I feel good about showing people, and by people I mean my agents and publishers and anyone who might want to help make my book into a real thing 🙂

Thats the dream!

And that’s it from my sketchbook this month.
It was just a small sample, I tweet way more doodles and sketches so if you want to see them, come follow me @kelcanby

Happy first day of the week! x


Day 200 of 365 illustrations

Day two hundred.


That’s two hundred illustrations piled up in the other room.

200+ hours spent doing something I’ve loved doing.

Two hundred times I’ve sharpened a pencil.

Two hundred cups of tea.

Two hundred times I’ve said “Yep, Will, just let me finish this tiny little bit…”

Happy 200 days (to me!).

Following on from yesterday…


Here’s how I got there…




Where’s my cake?!

Day 199 of 365 illustrations

Let’s have a big “show & tell” day today, shall we?

Firstly, some weeks ago I was asked to do an illustration of Ruby, a very lovely young lady, and her two sisters, as a gift to her from her mum.

I’ve been dying to show you all as I like the way this turned out A LOT! And today I can as it is now in Ruby’s hot little hands and will soon be making its way to the UK.

I’ll have work overseas!

Ruby and Amelia and Violet…



I hope it looks great in your bedroom, Ruby!

Secondly, a photo. A photo of the very delicious macarons the lovely ladies above gave Will & I today (amazingly there’s still four left for later tonight!)…


Thirdly, 1950s and 1960s illustrations. I’m enamoured with them and all I seem to be able to do right now is Google and stare longingly. And lovingly. Beautiful pictures. So pretty.

Here’s some Jim Flora to look at and swoon over. I just stumbled upon him today and was a bit blown away by this image in particular, mostly because of my love of drawing houses…

And here’s Will getting into the 1950s spirit with the help of Grandma’s glasses. (taken a couple of weeks ago but it IS a show and tell day so…)


Fourthly, a page of little people. I copied all these from Google while I was researching. Its not my original work, it was just something fun to do while I scrolled…


And finally! Today’s illustration. Vacationing Man! He’s based on the guy with glasses above. Not Will. The other one.


Wait! I told a fib. That wasn’t the last thing, this is! Will and I are sitting here watching the original Disney 101 Dalmations (1961) right now and WOW! Talk about beautiful artwork. I feel like I just want to freeze every frame and study it in detail. I doubt Will would be so keen on that though, perhaps after he’s gone to bed.


And that! Is the end of show and tell.

Happy Friday, everyone!