Some very colourful ladies.

Wednesday was a studio day and I had the most fun! Ever.

I coloured a couple of the ladies from my sketchbook and then I coloured a sketch I had done for Daily__Doodle the night before.

The best decision I have made lately was to NOT take my computer upstairs to the studio. It means I’m not tempted in the slightest to scan a sketch and quickly colour it in photoshop, these are all by hand! Gouache and colour pencil.



Daily__Doodle ‘Crazy Scientist’ came from…KellyCanby5


…this sketch.KellyCanby6


Finally, I wil have some VERY exciting news to tell you soon. VERY. Like, really really exciting…but I just can’t tell yet and its killing me!!!

But soon 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone!




I have just finished a job that has been consuming me, mentally and physically, for the past several weeks. But now, just this morning, I have sent off the cover and it is done!

That’s a nice feeling.

Time to do other lovely things now.

Other lovely things like, rediscover my passion for gouache! Gouache and coloured pencils…I’m smiling just thinking about them! For a while there I decided digital was the way to go, but I’ve come back. Back to my beloved gouache and coloured pencils and boy! have they welcomed me! We’ve been having some crazy fun together these last few nights…pics to come…but first, girls see too many images of Princesses and fairies, I have decided.

So, with that in mind, I have started a series of “jobs girls can have that isn’t a princess or a cupcake maker or a poodle groomer or a fairy” paintings. Not that theres anything wrong with those careers, it’s just, you know, thats not all there is out there.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with these little paintings (if anything) but they’ve been such fun to make. I have a list of nearly 30 occupations to do…lets see how many I can get done while I wait for client feedback from other jobs…and before I get flat out busy again…

The first three are: (click to enlarge)






Girl power. And all that.

In other news, a book with a book cover that I illustrated will be coming out later this year (publisher: Bloomsbury). I’m still working on the internal B&W illustrations but, hey, look! Here’s a cover that I can now reveal…


I’m so happy with how its looking 🙂

I have been up to so much more lately but to go into details would bore you silly so, I’ll leave it at this for today.

Happy Hump Day, folks!

Get ready for a craft overload!

So excited.

I’d been hearing a bit about needle felting lately but had no idea what it was really, so last night I Googled a bit and watched a YouTube video or two and thought, “Huh, doesn’t look so hard!”.

Today I bought some felting needles and began.

I made this little guy and I am so so proud of him! I mean you know, for a first time, it’s not awful, right?


I predict bigger and better things to come because there’s something quite therapeutic and relaxing about stabbing that needle in over and over and over again, without sounding all weird…and stuff.

Next project!

Three year old Will has been a bit keen on old Mister Maker lately, to the point where he’s watching YouTube episodes of the show, which is fine really, I think, because he’s watching and learning how to make and create AND it’s giving me ideas of things we can make together like… The Big Heads we made this afternoon…

I made a little instruction sheet, if you want to make some too. No words though because I think they’re pretty simple and straight forward, just remember to measure the band around the head its going to be worn on AND if you use staples like I did, make sure the sharp bit is facing outwards so it doesn’t scratch little (or big) foreheads.


Finally, some other stuff we’ve been doing to stay bust during the school holidays (if you read yesterdays post you’d know that we’ve been avoiding all our regular haunts because school holidays means SO MANY CHILDREN! EVERYWHERE!).

We did this: Made cardboard dinosaur costumes and a mini Jurassic Park. Roar.

And this: Made things with our food. This is just one example, we’re pretty keen food artists around here 🙂

And we did this: Made a dinosaur disco party because, why not?

And we did this: Painted rock monsters

And to finish, my breakfast doodle from this morning:

Busy and fun times!

And your little dog…


The third in my Oz series.

I did her quite quickly (in the two hours Will was at kindy) so, perhaps, if I’d spent a little more time I could have fixed a few things that I don’t like so much now that she’s finished.

All-in-all though, I do like her.




Happy Valentines Day!

Practice might make perfect, maybe?

For fun, and because I think it’s about time to start building up a bit of a folio, I am doing some painting…and I am loving it! (I was up until 1am painting, which is quite something given that those big painful jaw stretching yawns usually start to happen at around 10pm).

Once the illustrations were done, the graphic designer in me immediately wanted to slap some type over them so, I obliged her, because after all, this folio is supposed to look like I’d be good at children’s books, right?


The Wizard of Oz.

Glinda with hand written type…

Glinda, the illustration…



Dorothy with hand written type. Now, the illustration was too big for my scanner so I’ve had to scan it in pieces and match it all together in Photoshop, it’s a quick job, not an excellent job – don’t look too closely.

Dorothy, the illustration…

I don’t know if you can tell, but all the flowers have been painted separately and stuck on…

Tonight, if I haven’t fallen asleep by 9, I might get the Wicked Witch done.
Here she is in pencil…

This is the first time since getting my new lightbox for Christmas that I’ve started using it and its been SWELL! I don’t know how I lived without it before, to be honest.

Day 364 of 365 illustrations

Yesterday I went to put some flowers on my mums grave. It’s been a couple of weeks since the funeral and the flowers that were there are just about ready to be cleared.

There’s no headstone yet as that can take anywhere from three to six months, and we only just finalized the wording for it today so, it will be a while yet.

With the flowers gone and no headstone it was a pretty bare, sad place, with no hint of the wonderful woman resting below.

Then I had a idea.

Between the four of us in the family we have the skills to make and erect a very fitting temporary marker, so that’s what we set about doing.

We now have something very beautiful and special to fill the void for the next few months or so.

Tomorrow we will go and put it in its place.

Our cross.
Lovingly made by her husband.
Painted by her daughters.
Erected tomorrow by her son-in-law while her grandson plays under the nearby tree.

She would have loved this.



My sister and I doing the pretty work…


Some little details…





Day 160 of 365 illustrations

I think I have my inspiration back! FINALLY!

What a horrible week last week was. I was lost! Staring at blank pieces of paper. Feeling terribly frustrated.


I’m back!

I have decided that for the next several illustrations I’m going experiment with surfaces other than white paper.

So here is today’s. It’s acrylic paint, colour pencil and pastel on cardboard.





I’m so happy with the way this turned out and it’s definitely a technique I’m going to keep in mind for future projects.

Oh it’s so good to be back!