What’s Kelly doing right now?

Author/Illustrator Kelly Canby was born in London, England, at a very young age. She now lives in Perth, Western Australia, and is quite a bit older. Kelly spends her days in the studio drawing and painting and when she isn’t in the studio drawing and painting she’s probably in another room drawing and paining. Kelly draws and paints a lot.
Also, she is surprisingly good at parallel parking.


What’s Kelly doing right now?
Kelly is currently working on her next picture book with Fremantle Press called Rodney due early 2019 and a second middle grade novel with author Jaclyn Moriarty, an almost but not quite sequel/prequal to The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone called The Slightly Alarming Tale of the Whispering Wars (both Allen & Unwin).

Her new picture book The Hole Story (Fremantle Press) came out March 2018 and is enjoying many wonderful reviews!


“Canby’s words and illustrations are a brilliant combination that makes readers of The Hole Story giggle. The readers will chuckle as they imagine a boat builder’s sail ship taking on water because he added a hole to the vessel. The Hole Story allows readers to discuss what are positives and negatives of a hole, which objects need holes and which ones don’t…This is a unique and amusing story…” Kids’ Book Review


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