I have just finished a job that has been consuming me, mentally and physically, for the past several weeks. But now, just this morning, I have sent off the cover and it is done!

That’s a nice feeling.

Time to do other lovely things now.

Other lovely things like, rediscover my passion for gouache! Gouache and coloured pencils…I’m smiling just thinking about them! For a while there I decided digital was the way to go, but I’ve come back. Back to my beloved gouache and coloured pencils and boy! have they welcomed me! We’ve been having some crazy fun together these last few nights…pics to come…but first, girls see too many images of Princesses and fairies, I have decided.

So, with that in mind, I have started a series of “jobs girls can have that isn’t a princess or a cupcake maker or a poodle groomer or a fairy” paintings. Not that theres anything wrong with those careers, it’s just, you know, thats not all there is out there.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with these little paintings (if anything) but they’ve been such fun to make. I have a list of nearly 30 occupations to do…lets see how many I can get done while I wait for client feedback from other jobs…and before I get flat out busy again…

The first three are: (click to enlarge)






Girl power. And all that.

In other news, a book with a book cover that I illustrated will be coming out later this year (publisher: Bloomsbury). I’m still working on the internal B&W illustrations but, hey, look! Here’s a cover that I can now reveal…


I’m so happy with how its looking :)

I have been up to so much more lately but to go into details would bore you silly so, I’ll leave it at this for today.

Happy Hump Day, folks!

While I’m showing and telling…

Here’s another little thing I did in my absence.

This was my entry for the Tomie dePaola award this year.
It’s the first time I’ve entered and I kind of used it as a chance to try something new.

The prompt was a very short poem about a sneeze and the accompanying illustration had to be for children age 0 – 2 years.

:( I didn’t win.

BUT! I tried a few new little techniques that I enjoyed and maybe, just maybe, I’ll start introducing these into my regular work.

So here it is, this is what I submitted: (click to enlarge)



And here is a link to the unofficial gallery of the Tomie dePaolo Award (2014), in case you want to see more entries!

It’s February already?!


I am almost too embarrassed to make another blog post given the last one was before Christmas! Like, WAY before Christmas, AND, I didn’t even post more photos of our Elf, Buddy. Even though I said I would. What a big fat no-photo-poster I am!! (If you are interested in seeing them though, they’re all on Instagram and I believe there’s a little Instagram link just to the left you you there <——–)

It’s been a furiously busy few months in my little world. Christmas, New year, plane trips, holidays, a 4th birthday, new kindy and working.

And speaking of working, currently I am working on a chapter book, the cover is done and we’re just finalising the internal B&W illustrations. They’ve been really fun, cooky characters to work with. Also, there’s a picture book in the works which I have just sent off all my first sketches for and am anxiously awaiting the feedback. Fingers crossed there’s not too much to redraw!
This book is also being turned into an app so thats a bit exciting!
I can have it on my phone!

Also, upon request from Oxford University Press I recently (just last week) submitted a sample for a new picture book. I would LOVE to get this one (if anyone from Oxford University Press is reading, love love love to get this one!) as I had so much fun designing the character and the little world this guy lives in. Fingers crossed!!

Thats two lots of fingers crossed for me now.
Luckily you have two hands.
Please keep both sets of index and pointer fingers crossed until I say stop.
Shouldn’t be long.
If this causes you trouble eating, just have someone feed you.
Likewise with driving, getting dressed, blow drying your hair, making tea.
Just have someone else do it for you.
It should only be for a week or two.


Back in, oooh what was it? Late December? I submitted a sample for a picture book, I didn’t get it but I thought you might like to see what I did.

In hindsight, its not terribly good as I rushed it and photoshopped the whole thing so it feels very flat and …. photoshopped to me. Sad, because I feel like if I had spent more time on it, instead of getting over-excited (It was my first request for a sample from a publisher!!) I could have done something I was  happier with.
And also I should have / could have developed those characters a bit better but…

…oh well, live and learn.

Rightio then, I have just, right now, renewed my WordPress account so guess what?!
Another year of blogging ahead!

I look forward to your company.

(here’s the sample I did)

It’s good to be back!

Our Elf on our Shelf

Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf?
I discovered it last year while purusing Pinterest, of course, and loved the idea. Last year though, Will was probably slightly too young to grasp the concept…this year however, he is LOVING it!

The Elf on the Shelf kit comes with your Elf and a book so we started reading Will the book the week before our elf was supposed to arrive, just so he knew what might happen…if he was a good boy! There was no guarantee!

Turns out, he was good, so our elf did come.

The first day Will didn’t quite believe he was the “real” elf from Santa (the one from the book) so it took a fair bit of convincing and a YouTube video but then we were all good, now he jumps out of bed in the morning to see where Buddy (our elf) is hiding.

Finding him usually comes with a whole lot of excited laughter and that, by far, is the best bit.

Good onya Buddy!

So here is our first five days with Buddy.
Will might be having fun finding him in the morning but I’m having a whole world of fun setting him up at night :)

Day 1 Buddy arrived with letter from Santa and lollies for breakfast.

Day 2 we found him trying to decorate our tree with marshmallows

Day 3 and Buddy returned from the North Pole with a new Christmas book…which he happily read to anyone who came to listen.

Day 4 we woke up to find that Buddy, Woody and Bullseye had been raiding the milk and cookies during the night!

And today, Day 5, we’re guessing Buddy got a bit stuck on his way back in from reporting to Santa.

How much fun is Christmas?!

Next five escapades in five days time.

How many days ’til Christmas?!

I signed another contract last night. Hooray!
Another Illustration job for a book that sounds like a whole lotta fun.

I’ll be an Australian in Australia, illustrating a book set in England, that is being published in Korea. This crazy big old world gets smaller and smaller every day!

It’s very fun and exciting but I have to admit, the idea of the handful of deadlines that are now looming at the moment is a tiny bit scary. I know I can handle it and I’ll get the work done but…yikes…multiple deadlines…I’m going to have to be super organised.

Which is why I went to OfficeWorks this morning and bought FILES!

Nothing says “I’m organised” like FILES! Ammirite?!
Now to put stuff in them…

…but first, before I start on work and FILING, a week or so ago I did a little Christmas sketch and then a few days ago I coloured it.

I don’t know about you, but I always look this glamorous sorting my christmas decorations :p


21 Days!


Let the Christmas illustrations begin!

I can now officially reveal my new Christmas Facebook and Twitter profile picture.

TA-DA! Here she is!



Yesterday we went and bought our christmas tree.
A real 8’5″, pine smelling, bushy looking, slightly wonky but oh so perfect christmas tree. And now it’s all decorated and lit up and it’s beautiful.

I love the lead up to Christmas, everything is so jolly and festive!

The Princess and the Pea.

Hello! Long time no see.

I have an awful lot of projects on the go at the moment which have been keeping me awfully busy.

I finished the book I was illustrating (did I tell you that already?), and it looks, if I do say so myself, so good! I mocked up a mini version and I just couldn’t be happier with it. Cannot wait to have an actual printed copy in my hand!

I have also been working on another couple of books  but that work is now with the publishers and I’m waiting for feedback. Waiting for feedback, I have discovered, can either be very very quick, like, the same day, or very very slow….like….weeks! But I guess that’s the business of making books.

In between making other people’s books I’m also still working on my own book.
Illustrating = easy. Writing = a little tougher! But I’ll get there.

And while doing all that, plus other projects, I found time to sew!

I sewed a thing!

I made a birthday present for Will’s best friend, Elizabeth a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post about it. I was very happy with how it turned out!

It’s….The Princess and the Pea!


This was so fun to make.
The bed is actually a wooden tissue box cover from a craft store, turned upside down, and the bed head is made from two wooden rocket ship shapes with the cut bottom half cut off. All glued together, painted Antique White and finished with a lace trim.


The mattresses were a really great way to use up a whole lot of leftover pieces of fabric!

PrincessPea-KellyCanby3 PrincessPea-KellyCanby4 PrincessPea-KellyCanby5


The pea was a large green wooden bead (tied to the bed so it can’t get lost!)

PrincessPea-KellyCanby6 PrincessPea-KellyCanby7

And the Princess was very simply made from felt and wool and lace trim.

And a little diamond on her crown because, diamonds.




I’m kind of thinking I’d like to make one of these for myself now…

Ok. Back to the drawing and the real job!

Happy Thursday! x