New Book • Littlelight


June 2020, Fremantle Press


About Littlelight

When bricks start to go missing from the town of Littlelight, the mayor whips his citizens into a frenzy of aggravation. But when the townspeople find the thief, and her motive, they discover perhaps it is the mayor who is the problem.

Illustrated in moody black and white with dynamic neon highlights, this is a
thought-provoking tale of tolerance and acceptance.

Praise for Littlelight

‘Kelly Canby’s distinctive scribbly illustrations are enjoyably tactile and energetic…With this work, author–illustrator Canby further confirms her reputation as an innovative and thought-provoking storyteller. Littlelight is an ideal pick for a classroom—the kind of multi-layered picture book that appeals across ages and paves the way for complex conversations. Teachers and parents will appreciate Canby’s sophisticated language, which will assist children in expanding their vocabulary and exploring similes and metaphors.’ Books+Publishing


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